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Somewhere on the planet Earth a young girl sat on her balcony stargazing peacefully. It was getting late and she had thoughts about going inside. Of course she hadn’t known what she was expecting to do once inside the walls of her humble abode. She definitely wouldn’t sleep. Sleep was for the people who weren’t emotionally entangled with fictional characters. As she entered her room, she fondly admired the posters sporadically hung on the walls of her room. They displayed pictures of her drawings and favorite fictional characters. This was the way she lived, consumed by fiction and rejecting reality. She picked up her Chibi Slenderman plush. She was no ordinary girl. Things that would mortify others frankly calmed her. She set the doll on her desk next to one of her numerous music boxes. She wound the box and listened to the clockwork melody. She sighed in relaxation. Tonight was a rare night of peace; no unrest or disruptions. She heard scratching at her bedroom door. She opened it, allowing entrance to her dog, jumped on to her bed and clawed the sheets into a small nest for him to sleep in. The girl smiled and scratched behind his ear. She turns to sit back down at her desk. She opens her laptop and it displays her name.