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Panel #1

QAMARKINO: yOu knOw hOw erin Can see the lOCatiOns Of things she’s enCOuntered befOre withOut aCtually being there, right?
QAMARKINO: beCause she’s a thief of spaCe.
QAMARKINO: i’m a rOgue, whiCh, aCCOrding tO laraminia, is pretty similar tO a thief.
QAMARKINO: furthermOre, i’m a rOgue Of hOpe.

MACK: makes sense to me, what’s the stupid part?
QAMARKINO: my pOwers COme frOm hOpe. Like, aCtually hOping fOr things.
QAMARKINO: sO maybe if i just hOpe really hard that rOgues are similar tO thieves, maybe i’ll be able tO see the lOcatiOn of things that i haven’t aCtually enCOuntered.

MACK: yeah, okay, that does sound kind of dumb. but i’m gonna be honest, we’ve seen weirder things.
THEREMINASPRITE: go for it, Man!
QAMARKINO: alright, i guess i’ll give it a shOt.