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Panel #1

CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(what_do_you_mean_by_that);
NINA: Qamarkino said that the gate was fueled both by the powers of the Triad and the powers of a Time and Space player.
NINA: That gate... it leads to Atlantis!

DHRUVASHI: That settles it, then. You will proceed with your current plan.
NINA: What? Why? It just seems so foolhardy. We’re playing right into the Superego’s hands!
DHRUVASHI: You will go to Atlantis, and we Ramans will come with you. We will provide our aid, in exchange for one thing: our empire.
DHRUVASHI: If the gate truly does lead to Atlantis, then there is a chance that Rama can be saved from Atlantis’s wrath.

NINA: So, you’d come with us?
DHRUVASHI: The other generals and I, yes.
NINA: ...How would you get there? No offense, but you’re kind of gigantic.
DHRUVASHI: That would seem to be an issue, wouldn’t it?
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {what-about-our-kernelsprite}
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {if-we-can-prototype-dhruvashi-he-might-be-shrunk-down-to-a-more-managable-size}
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {maybe-hes-finally-what-the-kernel-wants-to-be-prototyped-with}
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {plus-i-have-it-right-here}