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Panel #1

DHRUVASHI: I apologize if my appearance frightens you. I assure you, it was not my choice.
DHRUVASHI: Now then, what you want is for me to help fight Viy, correct?

NINA: Actually, we were hoping that you would be able to help us come up with a better plan than the one we have.
DHRUVASHI: What is your plan?
NINA: Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but one of the other Phoenixes, or Atlanteans I suppose, is being possessed by something called the Superego.
NINA: The Superego is the last of a set of three beings, the Triad, who intend to summon Viy. The Superego put a collar on one of our friends that will apparently kill him in seven days if all of us don’t meet with it in the core of Ultiera. Our “plan”, if you can even call it that, is to have everyone ascend to god tier and find the legendary weapons hidden on our planets, and then free Laraminia, the possessed phoenix.

DHRUVASHI: And I assume that the collar cannot be removed?
CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(correct);
DHRUVASHI: Then it appears that you don’t have much of a choice. However, I must ask...
DHRUVASHI: How does this Superego intend to summon Viy? Viy has been dead for over ten thousand years.

MERANIMUSSPRITE: {thats-a-good-point-actually}
NINA: Hmm. I honestly hadn’t even considered that.
NINA: Wait... the gate that Qamarkino was talking about!

CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(what_about_it);
NINA: The Superego isn’t trying to summon Viy at all...
NINA: It’s trying to save it!