Panel #1

QAMARKINO: that seems like a gOOd idea, aCtually. sO i guess that's Our first Order Of business.
QAMARKINO: shOuld we all gO, Or...?

DELL: uh guys
DELL: i just remembered that i was talking to the dos guys a little while ago
DELL: they have some things shaped like us called phylacteries that will probably be of interest, considering theyre holding our souls
DELL: for us humans, at least
DELL: i can tell them to get over here

QAMARKINO: phylaCteries?! yOu’re right, thOse are impOrtant! sinCe time is Of the essenCe, i think mOst Of us shOuld stay here and learn abOut the phylaCteries, while Only a few Of us talk tO this dhruvashi.
NINA: Cythedite and I can go talk to Dhruvashi. Would anyone else like to come?
CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(meranimus);
CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(you_should_come_with_us);
CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(i_believe_that_your_atlantean_
CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(and_youre_just_a_nice_guy_in_general);
CYTHEDITESPRITE: function(if_anyone_can_convince_dhruvashi_that_

MERANIMUSSPRITE: {sounds-good-to-me}
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {and-thanks-:D}