Panel #1

QAMARKINO: but befOre yOu all get any ideas, i dOn’t want tO dO that!!!
QAMARKINO: in faCt, the Only reasOn i tell yOu that at all is beCause this COllar is gOing tO kill me if we dOn’t gO.

ERIN: Well, have you tried just taking it off?
QAMARKINO: she tOld me that trying tO take it Off wOuld alsO kill me. sO nO, i haven't.
MACK: well then, what's the plan?
QAMARKINO: well, my plan is simple.
QAMARKINO: we dO exaCtly what she wants.

ERIN: But didn't you just say-
QAMARKINO: we gO, as pOwered-up and armed tO the teeth as pOssible, and we fight.
QAMARKINO: there has tO be a way tO knOCk whatever's pOssessing laraminia Out Of her.

DELL: actually there is
DELL: we couldnt use it on asterion because the original owner of the body was dead but as one of my god tier powers i can remove possessions

MACK: and i can help with that too. i have a similar power that i used against the drow pimp the first time we fought him.