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Panel #1

QAMARKINO: sO i’m sure yOu all have a bunCh Of questiOns, like “where the fuCk have yOu been”, and “are weird, tiCking blaCk COllars the hOt new trend”, and i’ll try tO answer them all, but first i need tO say One thing.
QAMARKINO: laraminia is being pOssessed.

NINA: By the Superego?
QAMARKINO: maybe, but let me finish.
QAMARKINO: the reasOn i was gOne is beCause sOme time agO i had... i guess i had made a deal with laraminia, that she wOuld help me get strOnger if i wOuld help her with sOmething in the future.
QAMARKINO: if yOu haven't nOtiCed i’m gOd tier nOw, whiCh i guess means she fulfilled her end Of the deal. after that, she tOOk me tO ultiera, and that's when i learned that she...
QAMARKINO: well, she wasn't laraminia.
QAMARKINO: i knOw laraminia has always been a little Odd, a little alOOf, but this was different.

EMMY: i mean shes been acting pretty obviously evil since you all joined the session
QAMARKINO: ...has she? i... i guess i’ve been tOO distraCted tO nOtiCe...
QAMARKINO: but either way, she's nOt the laraminia that we phOenixes used tO knOw. OnCe we arrived On ultiera, all she did was make seCret plans with a few Other peOple. asteriOn was One Of them, as was the grey queen, whO was pOssessed by sOmething Called the drOw pimp.

LARS: That explains why we encountered the Drow Pimp again before we fought Asterion.