Panel #1

KROBLANCOSPRITE: Qam!! It'z zo good to zee you again, we all mizzed you!
QAMARKINO: krOblanCO... i really have tO apOlOgize fOr hOw i used tO treat yOu. i Owe everyOne an apOlOgy, really, fOr being such an ass.
QAMARKINO: it's gOOd tO see yOu tOO, buddy.

MERANIMUSSPRITE: {hey-man-its-alright}
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {everyone-here-likes-you}
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {except-maybe-pho-but-even-he-said-that-he-missed-you}

KROBLANCOSPRITE: Yeah, I don't think any lezz of you for how you uzed to be...
QAMARKINO: well, yOu wOuldn’t, yOu’ve always been sOrt Of a pushOver. i mean that in the best way thOugh, sO nO Offense.
MERANIMUSSPRITE: {hey-guys-look-macks-here}