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Panel #1

MACK: are you telling me...
MACK: that this curse did NOTHING?!
MACK: that it was all in my head?
MACK: that i learned to be a team player or whatever... for no reason?!

UTU: No.
UTU: While it is true that the curse was a placebo, there was an excellent reason for it.

MACK: there better be!
UTU: As a Denizen of this session, I know things that even a sprite would not.
UTU: And I know that this session is null.

MACK: null? what does that mean?
MACK: do you mean that we’ve done all this for nothing?

UTU: Not at all. This session is destined to fail as a session of Sburb, that is, to create a universe, but you and your friends are not doomed. In fact, you have a very important part to play in the grand scheme of things.
UTU: However, it is not my place to tell you about that.

MACK: oh, come ON!
UTU: Rest assured, my little “curse” was necessary to prepare you for what lies ahead.
UTU: A lost friend of yours will appear to you and your group shortly. He will tell you of your true quest.

MACK: well what do i do now, then?
UTU: Return to your friends. Preserve your strength. You will need it.
MACK: i... okay.
MACK: i can do that. i guess i’ll head off, then, but...
MACK: thanks. i guess. for helping me.