Panel #1

AMORIA: Anyway.
AMORIA: The gist of it is, your souls are up in these statues. As well as in your bodies.

DELL: so what do we do with them
0003: Keep them as safe as possible. Whatever happens to these statues will happen to you as well.
DELL: theyre giant voodoo dolls then
0003: Essentially.
AMORIA: There’s one more thing you should know, though.
AMORIA: The Phoenixes also have phylacteries.

THEREMINASPRITE: rEally? how do you know that?
AMORIA: That’s how soul magic works, yo. If you know something uses soul magic, it’s pretty easy to figure out if it’s linked with anything else.
DELL: so why do these things even exist
DELL: if theremina doesnt know anything about them then theyre not normally part of sburb since shes a sprite

AMORIA: No clue. Whoever made them, their intent ain’t good.
THEREMINASPRITE: do you know whErE thE othEr onEs arE?
AMORIA: Somewhere on Ultiera, I think.