Panel #1

0003: Thanks to Amoria’s Magic Hero class, she was the one who did most of the research.
AMORIA: I better get paid or something, yo. Book work ain’t my thing.
0003: Yes, well, anyway, we discovered that these statues have certain magical properties that will be of interest to you.
0003: These statues are what we in Sunnydale would refer to as phylacteries. The terminology and precise workings may be different here, but in essence, they are one and the same.

DELL: isnt a phylactery the thing a lich stores their soul in
DELL: i played a lot of dungeons of sunnydale before it shut down
DELL: that was my bad

0003: That is their most common use, yes. However, it is also possible to store someone’s soul without removing it from their body, according to our research. This method is not restricted to liches, who presumably do not exist outside of Sunnydale, anyone’s soul can be stored in a phylactery this way.
DELL: but why are they shaped like us
0003: Because-
DELL: i mean aside from the obvious fact that its definitely our souls that are in there
0003: Oh. Probably no other reason.