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==>Deltastuck Title Screen

Panel #1
Note: Deltastuck has diffrent kids, but the canons are IN THE SERIES. Cicera (DV: dreamlessVoid) and Jonathan (TT: terrifyingTerraformist) meet Kanaya in a dream bubble Cicera sends at the canon trolls. Kanaya, Rose, Dave, Karkat, Terezi, etc etc. are there!

Emerald: Basicly the equivilant of Jade, but is the first to enter the game. Her handle is sneakyAnimatronic. (ALL OF THESE ARE HANDLES ON THE PESTERCHUM APP! IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS GO THERE AND ADD sneakyAnimatronic !) She is the Witch of Mind

Jonathan is the equivilant of John, but is the secound to enter. His handle is terrifyingTerraformist. He is the Mage of Time.

Tulip is the equivilant of Rose, but is the third to enter. Her handle is unrepetitiveSunflower. She is the Maid of Space.

Cicera however, has no equivilant, but if it was it would be Dave, and she is the last to enter. She is half wolf/dog, I WILL NOT ANSWER WHY. Her handle is dreamlessVoid. She is the Heir of Dreams.