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Panel #1

FIRE ME: so wow wy r you so injyred?
FIRE ME: what hapened to you adn i thought you said all mario gams r dumb so wy yourre in this?

RL: Roxy and I got cot up in sum... problems.
RL: Shit occered.
RL: Anyway you urself never tok intrest in Mario until Dave gave yu that game.
RL: O and speaking of Dave he wanted me and Roxy to get over here for sum reeson.
RL: He sayd he has his dreemselves or some shit patroling.
RL: Have you seen any aside the one lurking in the inn?

FIRE ME: huh? theres 1 in the 8-3 inn?
RL: ...
RL: Wait.
RL: Dave said that 1 of his dreems was seen by you and yourr gang.

FIRE ME: um...
FIRE ME: i think that's the othe me!

RL: Wat.
FIRE ME: yeah this ROBOSANTA boss fite killed me but i got a 1up life before that but jade didt know tht so when i cammed back tshe threw me body onto a life while the other 1up regenderatewd me.
FIRE ME: i came back in the body that jade thru wile another me was spawned.
FIRE ME: i havd the old body but a new soul.
FIRE ME: other me had the new body and the old soul.
FIRE ME: anyway i got a FIRE flower so now we tell diffrense easier.
FIRE ME: but then SOMEONE had to smak me over the hed with a piano so now i'm only have two hits left before i lose the awsum FIRE powers i have!

RL: Wow.
FIRE ME: so you wanna help me with gettin thsese grubs to the quantim scaterer or whatever its calleD?
RL: I'll take on the chalenge.
FIRE ME: hay nepetas.
FIRE ME: we dont reely need to take care of them right??
FIRE ME: since it's only a few owers we need to take on this littel thing.

NL: :6 < yu culd say that
RL: Oh another thing.
RL: We have about 2 owers before W8-4 gets covered in familiars.