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Twist: Demand candy, ath promithed by agreement for thervitheth.

Panel #1
Yeah, that'th the plan! You ruth into Bon-Bon'th Thweet Thpot. "Bon-Bon!" you thay, "it'th happened!"

"What's happened?" The thoundth irritated, which ith to thay... perfectly normal.

"Thugarcube Corner!" That getth her attenthion. "You wanted me to watch it, and it'th dithappeared! Umm..." You look around in the darkened Thweet Shpot, wondering where ecthactly itth owner ith. "Bon-Bon, did you forget to pay Electric Thky her lighting bill again?"

"Darkness is like a home to me," the thayth, and you laugh. Bon-Bon ith alwayth tho full of curiouth aphorithms! "So it's gone? And what about the Cakes? Still... still with us?!"

"Thtill here. I wath talking to Mthth. Blackberry Cake and Mr. Carrot Cake about peppermint when we thaw it dithappear!" You thmile adorably. "Tho do I get my candy now?"

"Candy?!" Bon-Bon beginth to laugh. "Ha... ahaha... mwahahahahahaha! Twist, my optimistic little darling, you can have more than candy. You can have my entire candy shop! I've got bigger fish to fry now... pony-shaped fish!"

You are caught between ecthitement for your new rethponibilitieth and conthern for your erthtwhile employer. "Ithn't that illegal?!"

"Mwahaha! Oh, Twist, I can't expect you to understand. Pinkie Pie, that party-throwing simpleton, is nothing less than the most evil being in all Equestria. She has become the bane of all the long and noble line from which I spring, and it is my duty -- my pleasure to end her stupid meddling once and for all. Yes, Twist my dear, it's pony season, at last!"

Thuddenly you are having a whole lot of thecond thoughtth about your choithe to work here. Maybe Lyra was wrong about Bon-Bon'th villainouth monologueth being nothing more than a harmleth, amuthing, endearing nervouth tick. "That'th... that'th definitely illegal," you thay, thtarting to back towardth the door.

Finally Bon-Bon enterth your field of vithion, puthing a large thcary dark object. "So it is! Fortunately I serve a higher queen than Celestia, and our laws are our own! And don't think for a moment I wouldn't do the same for you, little one, if you feel a need to go telling on me. In fact, if I were you, I'd forget you ever even saw me here... I shan't be in Ponyville much longer, after all." Her eyeth move patht you, and the beginth talking to the air. "Yes, you hear that, Pinkie Pie? I'm coming for you! None of this needed to happen, but you forced my hoof, and now you pay! Yes, pay! Pay the ultimate price!" You are entirely outthide the building now, but you can thtill hear her thcreaming. "Sitting inside Sugarcube Corner day after day, earning Blackberry's favor, you with your stupid pastries and your stupid parties and your stupid knives and your stupid alligator and your stupid songs and your stupid mane and your stupid big blue eyes and your stupid little rump and all the rest of it! Well, that's going to change, Pinkie Pie! When I'm through with you..."