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Panel #1
TS: Very quickly...
TS: You need to PROTOTYPE your kernelsprite by throwing something into it.
TS: Whatever you throw in there will merge with the kernelsprite and become a SPRITE, which is a sort of personal guide.
TS: Its personality and mannerisms will be partially determined by the nature of whatever you prototype it with.
TS: On the other hoof, prototyping will ALSO affect the nature of the enemies you'll encounter, so you may want to select something that would make both a good guide AND an unthreatening opponent.

AJ: Enemies?
TS: We really don't have time to talk about that right now.
R: Very well.
R: But the rest of this process has been so thoroughly invariant -- take this, put this here, turn this on, and so forth -- and now we have complete freedom in our choice?

TS: Exactly.
TS: How are we all doing on time?

PP: Half a minute.
PP: I think I've gotta go, but I'll talk to you all again on the other side! Good luck!

TS: Good luck, Pinkie!
TS: I've got about seven minutes left myself, so I have time to make sure everything works out.
TS: Anyway.
TS: Yes, complete freedom. This is our last big decision -- each of ours -- before the game starts.
TS: After we prototype something, our artifacts will let us destroy them, and then we can enter the Medium.
TS: May Celestia smile on you all.