Mane 6: Let's go.

Panel #1
TS: Testing, testing...
TS: Is anypony out there?

AJ: All clear here, Twi. This little gadget just never stops getting weirder.
RD: Or awesomer!
RD: I'm flying, and I can still hear you girls! If I just carried this thing around all day, I'd never even need to land at all.

TS: Wait, Rainbow Dash, you're flying right now? While talking to us?
RD: Yeah?
AJ: You sure that's safe, sugarcube?
AJ: With those meteors falling around, and you not paying attention to where you're flying...

RD: Come on, AJ, I can fly Ghastly Gorge in my sleep! Mostly. A little in-flight conversation's not going to hurt me, I've got my eyes on the road.
AJ: Well, if you're sure...
TS: Uh, so, Pinkie Pie, are you here with us?
PP: Yep.
TS: Great. So I've got Rose's book to guide me, but I'm working mostly from memory, and maybe the details are different anyway. Can you help me explain the entry process to the others, in case I get anything wrong?
PP: No problem.
RD: Ow!
TS: Oh gosh, Rainbow Dash, are you okay?
RD: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just this dumb tree came out of nowhere.
AJ: Eyes on the road, huh?
RD: Yeah, well... turns out roads aren't really where you find trees.
TS: Anyhow.
TS: I think the first thing we need to do is figure out our server-client order. Rainbow Dash, you're my client. And Applejack is yours, right?

RD: Right.
TS: Applejack?
AJ: Don't think I have one of those, Twilight. I haven't much touched my console since Bubblecup first dropped it off.
AJ: Or jus' dropped it, honestly.

TS: That's fine. We'll figure out if you have a choice or not.
TS: I think Rarity's my server. She didn't really say, but I got that impression, so...

PP: Yep, she told me she was. So that's four in a row! We're off to a good start.
TS: Okay, so that leaves... Fluttershy? Are you there yet?
FS: Yes! I'm sorry, but I had to run home and then unpackage my, um, console?, and it was packed in an awful lot of seeds, so it took me a moment.
FS: Thank you very much for all the seeds, by the way, Pinkie.

PP: You're welcome! Carrot Top was having a super sale, and I could never say no to cheap seeds.
AJ: Do folks offer you cheap seeds often?
PP: Not before Carrot Top! But thanks for the straight line.
TS: Speaking of lines. Fluttershy, if you just deseeded your console, you aren't in the chain yet, are you?
FS: Um, well, actually.
FS: While I was in Derse earlier, I tried to make Pinkie my client, but then my console exploded. My dream console, I mean.
FS: So maybe that happened in the real world, too? The client part, not the explosion.

TS: Maybe so. Can you switch to stare mode and see if you can see Pinkie Pie?
TS: That's a working test, right, Pinkie?

PP: Sounds good.
FS: Oh, yes, that worked. So I guess I'm her server.
FS: Pinkie, do you know why it exploded, by the way?

PP: Hmm! Well, I guess if it was a DREAM console, it would point at DREAM Pinkie Pie. Was I there?
FS: You were! I mean, she was. I mean...
PP: Neat! Anyway, if it was showing her, and she was next to it, then it probably tried to show itself too, and then it was showing itself showing itself, and then it was showing itself showing itself showing itself, and eventually it got easier for it just to explode!
PP: I know that's usually my solution to that sort of thing.

TS: Pinkie Pie, I really wish your brilliance made itself more obvious under less dire circumstances.
PP: Thanks!
RD: I don't.
PP: Thanks!
TS: In any case, that leaves us with one chain of four, and one chain of two. So we just need Applejack to choose Fluttershy as her client, and Pinkie Pie to choose Rarity. Great!
TS: Now, everypony, there are several steps involved in our entry to the Medium. First, we all need to deploy our clients' cruxtruder. Can everypony find that in the Deploy menu in stare mode?

AJ: Uhh... the cruxtruders?
TS: Yes.
AJ: The same cruxtruders you were so gung-ho on us not touching, just a little bit ago?
TS: Yes, when I thought the end of the world wasn't inevitable!
TS: But now everypony's clearly doomed, so we've got to deploy everything as quickly as possible.

FS: There's no other choice.
AJ: You keep sayin' that, but... I dunno.
AJ: It seems to me that we were set on following Pinkie's plan back when we thought nopony was going to die, but as soon as that turned out wrong, we decided to follow Pinkie's plan anyhow.
AJ: Shouldn't what happened to poor ol' Candy Mane mean SOMETHING's different?

FS: But it can't!
TS: Like what?
TS: Applejack, if you have a suggestion for saving Ponyville, obviously I'm all ears, but...

AJ: I don't, but then I don't reckon as I have all the information I'd need.
AJ: Supposing we finish this entry thing. What exactly happens to us?

TS: Well, our houses...
TS: ...
TS: Oh my gosh.