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Pinkie Pie

Panel #1
Hi! Did you decide to keep right on being me without taking a break to read about Applejack or Fluttershy or Rarity instead? Wow! I'm super-duper flattered! Or if you were following one or more of them first and then just got to me afterwards, that's cool too! I mean, the important thing is that we get to hang out together, right? A little wait more or less isn't a big deal.

Huh? Oh, yeah, us hanging out is what I came out here to talk about! See... I shouldn't really be here right now. This is something called "breaking the fourth wall," and some people think I'm really really good at it! Like, half the time when I'm in some story or other -- I know, there are whole stories about me, isn't that so amazing?! -- there'll be a moment where I mention you readers or something, and everypony else gets really confused. That's really fun and all, but it kind of breaks the immersiveness. That's a word Rarity taught me in the desert! It means that if you're reading stuff about me and suddenly I break out of the story and talk to you, like I'm doing right now, it makes you remember that you're just reading a story!

So I guess what I'm doing here is saying goodbye. I don't want to break the immersiveness, so I'm going to stop breaking the fourth wall and be part of the story like everypony else. No, no, don't worry, you can still "be" me whenever you want, just like with Dashie and Twilight and all the rest, and I'll love it every time you do! I just won't talk to you. It'll be all "you are Pinkie Pie" this and "you decide to throw a party" that and so on and so forth. Okay? I'll still be me, I'll just be on my own side of your monitor!

Aww, don't make that face! Look, I'll tell you what. If this whole story goes really really well and we save the day and everypony lives happily ever after and stuff, I'll throw a big huge giant ENORMOUS party and everyone will be invited, even you! Especially you! So even if you do make a sad mopey frowny face all the time, at the end we'll get to have a party, and everyone smiles at a Pinkie Pie party. And that's a Pinkie Promise.

Besides! It's not like you'll be totally alone. In a while you'll meet another pony who wants to talk to you and is going to help you understand everything that's going on. And I guess Lyra seems to know that you're there too? I dunno! Lyra's pretty strange, even by my standards. For now, though, I'm going back behind your monitor. Goodbye! Enjoy our adventure! Make sure it ends happily!
Panel #2