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Get all the men of the mission in a room, give an small speech thanking them for their courage, faith and trust and brief them on what is going to happen.

Panel #1
As you prepare to disembark, you tell Gast and Torx to gather their soldiers. You owe them an explanation before you send them into battle.

They tell you the FORT has an AUDITORIUM. You can give your speech there.
Panel #2
Panel #3
When the soldiers have gathered, you and your allies take the stage.

You tell them that you know you're asking a lot from them. They are expected to risk their lives for someone they may not have believed in a few hours and if they did were told was evil. You acknowledge that you've not always done the right thing, and may have unintentionally made their lives difficult. You cannot take it back, however. All you can do is start here and set things right.

You tell them the time to end the Followers of the Icosahedron is now. You'll engage their fleet, run the blockade, and destroy the enemy at its source.

You insist that this attack is not for you, the Everyman. You tell them that you are not commanding them to help you. You are doing this for them, for their friends and families, for all of humanity.

You ask them whether they'd like to come along.
Panel #4
You have inspired the COMMANDOS and AIRMEN. You feel a rush of self-confidence.

You gain 5 CREATIVITY!